learn how to get into the movie business
Why is it so difficult?
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 1 Day Acting Workshop
 12th October - Saturday 
Ages from 6 - 55 years old
09:00 to 16:00
 Location: East Rand, Rynfield. 
Church - Menorah Tabernacle
Learn the business side of being an Actor
Nobody is talking about this, thats why a lot of actors are struggling! 
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ONLY Attending on the 1st DAY
1 Day ONLY (Saturday)
12th of October 
  • Introduction Business side of Acting
  • How to get into the movie business
  • Different ways on becoming an Actor
  • ​Difference between Film & Stage
  • ​Is there a future in Acting & Movies?
  • ​E-Line -Emotional Line for Actors
  • ​Use Social Media to build your career 
  • ​How to build the right contacts in the industry
  • Camera Work- auditions
  • ​Green screen work
  Starting with the right foundation
  • Industry Secrets: Show you how to get notics by the right people!
  • Auditions: Take your auditions to Hollywood
  • Start Your Career: How to start earning an income from your talents
  • Auditions Done Right: Biggest mistakes actors do in auditions 
  • ​Advance Acting: Techniques getting into character 
Only for Advance Actors ONLY! 
This is closed to the public 
Invites only!
Acting Tips from 
Angelique Gerber Potgieter
Gebore Talente
What people are saying
Why THIS acting course?
Hi, It's Renier
I can remember when I was young and inspired, I wanted to be an ACTOR so bad, but never had an opportunity... I just didn't know what to do or where to start!
One day, my mom surprised me... she said that she is sending me to attend an acting course.... Oh my freaking word! (I was young, so yes... I used those words) I was extremely excited.

I attended the 8 week acting course, we learned about film, a bit of acting... so one day, we learned about improvisation, Yes! I love that... and there I was, standing in-front of a class, seeing my opportunity and it was the best feeling ever! 

I'm living out my dreams!

I completed the course and I just kept on investing in myself to carry on with my journey.
The one day I was on the 7de Laan set and the director saw me wandering around...

"Have you been helped?" He asked "Yes, thank you sir" I responded...

"Wait, I know you, weren't you part of that acting course?" 

I wasn't sure if he would remember me...I replied

"Yes sir, I was part of that course"

"You were the actor that did so well on stage...I remember talent when I see it... What are you doing here at the 7de Laan set?' He asked

My response was "I'm just part of the extra's"

"No, here is my personal number, come and see me.
Now that part changed my life! 
That's where everything started! I got the right training, he taught me film acting in 4 minutes where it takes people 4 years!

I went for auditions and got ALL of them. Played in Erfsondes, 7de Laan, Die Koffer, Enlisted for glory, etc.

Then I started playing in short films which helped to build my career...the one short film was #5 in the world "Smoor Verlief"

It all started with my parents whom believed in me... they could also see that I believed in myself! 
Short films that was shot with my students
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